Causeway Bay Fashion Walk

Shine new shop at Cleveland Street, Causeway Bay is co-designed by the two well-known interior design firms, NC Design & Architecture Ltd (NCDA) and The Laboratory for Explorative Architecture & Design Ltd (LEAD). Inspired by Shine’s brand logo, designer chose the “textile industry” theme to be the soul of the shop. The textile elements are perfectly integrated into the interior design: different materials are used throughout the shop, from the grand layout to details such as clothing tags, to give Shine customers a unique, remarkable and functional shopping experience.

First, the huge shop window highlights the display of the new fashion. The mirror wall makes the shop feel more spacious and creates a comfortable area for the customers. To bring out the colorful, eye-catching fashion products, the designer used light gray as the major tone combining with light-color wooden hangers, display shelves and counter. The handmade leather belt for the display of the brand names is inspired by fine leather luggage.  

The most significant feature of the shop is on the ceiling. Applying the textile principles, designer used over 900 white strings as “knit” on the shop ceiling. It is a creative art piece to lead people to look at the origin of a garment through a microscope. When you notice the crossing strings, it will inspire you to appreciate the impressive subtlety of a garment piece and the textile industry.

Apart from the layout, the designer also maximized the space utility and convenience of daily operation in the shop. The cashier and the fitting rooms are set in a separate corner to provide private spaces for our customers.

Shop B, Ground Floor, 5-7 Cleveland Street, Fashion Walk , Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel:+852 2890 8261